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What is OM GURU?
OM GURU is an indian based ayurvedic medicine used for plants. It is an extraction of twenty one ayurvedic plants. OM GURU provides maximum solutions for the Agriculture final product, acting as a medicine for the plants.
Skillfulness of OM GURU

  1. By sprinkling OM GURU on plant, Virus will be destroyed and help plant to end the more detriment.
  2. By spraying OM GURU on crops, it is solution to micro elements defect and disorder on agriculture products.
  3. When spraying OM GURU on crops, it improves the immunity of the crop and provide naturally amino acid as per requirement and helps to increase number to chloroplast in crops.
  4. By sprinkling OM GURU on crops, it increases flowering and hence it increases production.
  5. When OM GURU is used in a systematic manner, it reach inside the plant within 15 to 20min. So result can be seen 100%.
  6. When spraying OM GURU on Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, and other crops are safe to intake.
  7. For effective result you can spray and drenching of OM GURU on plants.
  8. Spraying of OM GURU in any 4 month crops - three times and 6 month crops - five times, the production is increase at least 20%.
  9. OM GURU controls any kind of virus as well as reaction on crops.
Method to use OM GURU
Prevent the crop from virus. (15 days after planting crop)
In 1 litre of water add 1.25 ml of OM GURU. Systematic spraying of OM GURU on crops every 10 days.
Second spray of OM GURU on crops must be done on 5th day of first spray.
Third spray of OM GURU on crops must be done on 8th day of second spray.
Use Drenching method to reach roots of the crop.
In case of maximum attack of virus on crop use 2 ml of OM GURU in 1 litre of water.
On which crops OM GURU can be used
Groundnut, cotton, castor, sesame, pigeon pea(tuver), moong, black beans(arad), onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, lady's finger, chilli, tomato, Eggplant(brinjal), papaya tree, lemon tree, mango tree, grape plant, pomegranate plant, potato plant, tobacco plant, many flowers and climber vegetables.
OM GURU contains following elements
OM GURU is a pure herbal product, naturally containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, calcium, iron, boron, magnesium, sodium, protein, carbohydrates, molibledama, useful vitamins, amino acid, and many more elements.
Result of OM GURU may be variable in case of change in Land, Water and Climate and we are not responsible for that.
Don't smell (sniff) or drink it.
If it seems to be affected on any part of the body, wash properly with the water.