Sahajanand Organic

Research and Solution

What is ANKUSH?
ANKUSH is a combination of some known Indian ayurvedic medicinal plant extracts. White fly can be controlled by the spray of ANKUSH.
In which crops ANKUSH is used?
It can be used to control white fly in any kind of crops. There is not any adverse effect by the spray of ANKUSH on crops. When you spray ANKUSH on crops, It is not harmful into the production of any crops.
How to use?
Start spraying of ANKUSH immediately when white flies are beginning to appear in crops.
First Spray:  Shake well bottle of ANKUSH, take 2 ml and mix with one liter of water and spray on crops.
Second Spray:  After 5 or 6 days of first spray.
Don't smell (sniff) or drink it.
If it seems to be affected on any part of the body, wash properly with the water.