Sahajanand Organic

Research and Solution

"Sahajanand Organic Research and Solution" (SORS) has been established in the year of 2009. Our company provides ayurvedic medicinal plant extract in each products. Each product is suitable for organic farming. SORS is engaged in the analysis, evolution, composing and marketing of products based on naturally occurring plant extracts.

Our company has two own products named OM GURU and ANKUSH.

Firstly company covered Saurashtra and Kutch area in spreading successfully its network. After that slowly covered full Gujarat. At present company's network is also expanded in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In future we will try to cover market of whole india.

Today company has their own two product but in future there will be more. Today other products are in R & D. So soon customers can have benefits of our other products too.

SORS has following certification:-

GST(TIN)- 24091804566 DATE:23/6/2009
CST(TIN)- 24591804566 DATE:23/6/2009